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Products purchased within the last 30 days maybe eligible for return. In order for your return to be eligible it must meet following criteria. It must be received unopened in its original packaging, not damaged, nor expired and with all of its contents intact. If the return product meets this criteria, please complete the steps below to begin processing your return.
Please enter your 7 digit customer account number, like 0006284. It is located on your invoice.
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Please explain why you wish to return the product, and where is currently located, so we can arrange with you to either have it dropped off or picked up.

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*I understand that all product returns must be approved and authorized by the designated Purchasing and/or Management staff at Americhem before receiving any such product back into inventory. A 20% Re-stocking and/or Re-delivery fee may apply to all non-stock product items. Americhem reserves the right to refuse any product returns outside of the 30/day Return Policy, and/or if the product is damaged or expired. A Re-delivery and/or handling fee may be assessed for any product refusals or request for disposal .